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Lake Ocota lies at the heart of the Mwangi Jungle. Numerous rivers flow into it, and the Vanji River flows out of the lake, reaching the Fever Sea at Bloodcove. The lake is a hundred miles across.


The lake is home to creatures unknown elsewhere.

These include the zinza, swift, flightless birds which are unusual, in that they have reptile-like teeth. They live in the jungles alongside the lake (where their plumage helps them to blend into their surroundings), and hunt in small packs. They avoid attacking groups, preferring to target lone or injured prey.

There are also more dangerous creatures, long-necked aquatic predators that seem to be a throwback to ancient times. These beasts are happy to snatch unwary prey from boats, docks or shores; they can also sometimes be found wandering the region's rivers.


The dreaded city of Usaro stands on the lake's southern shore. There are also numerous other ruined cities.


At the heart of the lake is a tall rock known as the Spear of Destiny.[1]