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Titles The Strong Man
Alignment Neutral good
Portfolio Competition
Cleric Alignments
Domains Community, Good, Luck, Strength, Travel
Favored Weapon Javelin

Kurgess (pronounced KUR-gess)[1] is a demi-god associated with healthy competition, sport, and physical development. His symbol is a flexing muscular arm holding a golden chain.[2]


Born a mortal Taldan peasant of unbeatable physical prowess, Kurgess was discovered as a young man by a traveling merchant. Impressed by the farmer's incredible stamina, strength, and speed, the merchant began sponsoring the boy in various competitions and races. Kurgess was able to best all of them and shared his winnings with his patron. His fame spread far and wide, sadly bringing jealousy and bitterness with it. During the third annual Raptor Run in the Taldan city of Oppara, Kurgess' enemies laid a deadly trap for him. The young man became aware of this and was killed while successfully saving the other racers from the raptor's talons.[2]

In the decades that followed, the memory of Kurgess and what he had accomplished were not forgotten. Athletes and other competitors began calling on Kurgess for aid, and more than a few events were dedicated in his honor.[2] It is believed that the gods Cayden Cailean and Desna had elevated him to godhood, either because they were so impressed by his accomplishments and actions, or because he was secretly their half-mortal son.[3]

In the last three hundred years there have been rumors that Kurgess has occasionally reappeared and taken part in numerous sporting events, intent on protecting those who take part in them. This has lead to a gradual expansion of his faith, especially throughout southern Avistan.[2]

Church of Kurgess[]

Kurgess' clergy are generally itinerants who travel between sporting events, fairs, and tournaments with their small, portable shrines.[2] They are always welcome among the clergy of both Desna and Cayden Cailean.[3]

Kurgess' Domain[]

The demi-god makes his home on the plane of Nirvana in a realm known as Kurgess' Field. It is adjacent to the Forest of Whispered Longing, and often hosts small gatherings of his faithful from across Golarion and the Great Beyond. There petitioners can challenge the god's servants in respectful tests of strength and speed, and his followers spread Kurgess' doctrine of physical competition, self-sacrifice, and fair play.[4]


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