Type Magical beast
CR 18
Environment Any ocean

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 184

Krakens are huge, squid-like aquatic creatures. [1]

Appearance Edit

A typical kraken's body can be up to 80 ft in length and 60 feet wide. In appearance, the body of a kraken resembles that of a giant squid, with a ring of tentacles surrounding a mouth connected to a central body. Two of its tentacles are longer than the rest and bear deadly hooked barbs. A kraken has very large eyes and fins that jut from the upper part of its body.[1]

Ecology Edit

Krakens have been known to attack boats and even some of the world's largest ships. Despite their simplistic appearance, they actually possess advanced intellects and even speak Aquan, or a language of their own, similar to that of a whale.[1]

References Edit

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