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Titles The Deathless Frost, Demon Lord of Giants and Cold
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Giants
Worshipers Giants
Iobarian cults
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Evil, Strength, War
Favored Weapon Warhammer

Born a mortal man of Ulfen stock before being cursed, Kostchtchie (pronounced KOSH-tik-ti-kai)[1] is now the demonic patron of giants and biting cold.[2]


While he was once a man, it is very hard to see any trace of humanity in Kostchtchie's current form. He appears as an immense frost giant with legs perversely twisted and an obscenely muscular frame. His head is small, looking very strange compared to his hulking body. Two tiny, pure white eyes look out from above a massive white beard, woven with the skulls of kings and defeated champions of other faiths.[2]


Kostchtchie was not always a demon; once he was a man. His father raised him barbarically, forcing him to slaughter his own mother and sister, but in time, the savage Kostchtchie murdered his father as well. Much of the rest of his mortal life is lost in myth and fable. The next event of which scholars are certain is the beginning of his unholy ascendency.[2]

Kostchtchie sought immortality by forcing a bargain with the Witch Queen Baba Yaga. As is often the case with such arrangements, Kostchtchie's wish for immortality was twisted by the evil crone, and he found himself transformed into the demonic form of the thing that he hated most: a giant. Since that time, Kostchtchie has turned his hatred towards Baba Yaga and humanity itself. He wages constant war on the tribes of Iobaria and next seeks the conquest of the nation of Irrisen, ruled by the many daughters of Baba Yaga herself. While he sometimes campaigns by proxy, Kostchtchie prefers to enter combat in person.[3] For example, according to the eponymous Record of Truan Iolavai, he took personal interest in Iolavai's investigation of Hask-Ultharan in the great pine forest of Iobaria.[4]

Cult & Worshippers[]

Kostchtchie's main worshipers are frost giants who have turned from the worship of their traditional deities and instead embraced the demonic. Some claim that these frost giant worshipers of Kostchtchie are even more war-like and blood-thirsty than their already fearsome frost giant kin. Despite his general hatred of humans, Kostchtchie does have many human worshipers, particularly in the western reaches of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. They pray for the day when he will finally bring destruction upon their most hated enemy, the realm of Irrisen.[2]


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