The Kortos Mounts occupy much of the inner, lesser inhabited and still wild portions of the Isle of Kortos[1], and are among the most jagged and highest-known peaks in the world. [2] The highest peak, Arazlant Mox is more than five miles high.[2] The mountains are typically forested at lower altitudes but barren and icy at their peaks. [1] Some of the peaks are volcanic. [2] Despite passage through most of the range being nearly impossible, rare metals and gems are still mined from them, and are then exported to other parts of the world. [1] [2]

Tribes of minotaurs, ice-demon-worshipping harpies, and centaurs inhabit the region, constantly battling one another and intruders to their territory. The harpies primarily inhabit the top of the mountain, while the mid ranges are controlled by the minotaurs, and the centaurs the low ranges.[1][2] Those tribes which worship demons have been known to hurl sacrifices into massive crevices in the mountains.[1] The centaurs constantly wage war with the minotaurs in particular, and hunt down horses upon the island, seeing them as invaders. [2]

Dragons have claimed the Kortos Mounts as home from time to time, but have usually been slain by adventurers by the time they have reached adulthood. The last major dragon to survive in the Kortos Mounts was the amethyst-colored wyrm Maejerex Steeleye, who survived 500 years before being slain in 4592 AR as she was beginning to unify the minotaur and harpy tribes.[2] Since then, blue and red dragons and chimeras have been spotted every few years.[2]