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The Korir River is formed by the confluence of the Upper Korir River, the Tpishi River and the Lakusa River west of the Shattered Range in the Mwangi Expanse. [1]

It flows through the Screaming Jungle, joins the Pasuango River and empties into into the Lake of Vanished Armies. The River of Lost Tears also flows in the lake. From there the Lower Korir River flows into the Korir River delta and into the sea. [2]

The river has a number of waterfalls and rapids, which has the benefit of reducing the numbers of crocodiles and hippopotamuses. However, the river is home to dangerous giant gar, and there is the added threat of large snakes which drop on prey from branches hanging over the river.[3]

The river serves as a trade route between Port Freedom and Kalabuto in Sargava. It also links them to Mzali in the Mwangi Expanse, but foreign traders are unwelcome there.

Port Freedom stands on the northern bank of the delta. The pilots of the Rivermen's Guild of Port Freedom know the route through the treacherous sand bars of the delta. It is rare to find a captain brave or foolish enough to attempt the delta without a Guild pilot. [4]


  • Upper Korir River
  • Tpishi River
  • Lakusa River
  • Pasuango River
  • River of Lost Tears
  • Lower Korir River