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Kobold Quarterly #10
Kobold Quarterly #10
Publisher's Product Page
Author(s) Wolfgang Baur et al.
Publisher Open Design
Price Print: $7.99
PDF: $5.99
Released July 2009
Type Periodical
Binding Magazine
Pages 88 pages
Series Kobold Quarterly
Artwork from Kobold Quarterly 10

This issue of Kobold Quarterly heralds the advent of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with a preview of the game by lead designer Jason Bulmahn including the full rules text for the shadowdancer prestige class. Todd Stewart, master of planar continuity in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, offers "Chaos Magic of the Proteans," an in depth look at magic items, spells and artifacts of the choatic proteans, inhabitants of the ever-changing Maelstrom. As if that weren't enough, this month's Maps of Fantasy article is "Ruyintan Caravanserai (or The Sand Dragon Inn)" by David Schwartz, a map and details on a location in Katapesh.