Knights of Ozem
Alignment Lawful good

The Knights of Ozem achieved fame for their role in the Shining Crusade to defeat the Whispering Tyrant, Tar-Baphon. They were led at the time by (the then mortal) Iomedae[1] and held the goddess Arazni as their patron saint.

The Knights summoned Arazni to aid them in the crusade in 3818 AR[2], only to see her fall at the hands of Tar-Baphon.[3]

Arazni's corpse was later stolen from the knights by the ghostly Archmage Geb and re-animated as his Harlot Queen, an affront which the knights have never forgiven.[4] Since her death and the ascension of Iomedae, the knights have adopted their former commander as their patron god, one of many orders of knighthood to do so. They call Iomedae the Light of the Sword, referring to her holy symbol of a longsword wreathed in a burst of light.[5]