Nation Darklands
Region Nar-Voth
Size Small town
Population 1,558
Demographics 80% derro, 10% human, 6% mongrelman slaves, 4% other slave races
Government Magical-derro savants
Alignment Chaotic evil
Ruler Mirgik

Kmlin-Bru is the second-largest derro town in Nar-Voth after Corgunbier. Here they inhabit the dungeons and tunnels of a complex that predates even Earthfall. The corridors connect directly to the notorious Dread Dungeons of Galtcreed above, and many of the inhabitants of Kmlin-Bru serve Primarch Bremovier of Galt as jailers and torturers. The derro are ruled by a savant named Mirgik who maintains good relations with the Galtese above to secure a steady supply of victims for her insane experiments, and for other reasons which have yet to be revealed.[1]

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