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Residents of the cold, harsh north, the Kellids (pronounced KEHL-ids)[1] are what every resident of Avistan thinks of when they think of the word "barbarian". Sandwiched between an empire of orcs, marauding demons and the witch haunted kingdom of Irrisen, Kellids are a savage product of their harsh environment.


The appearance of the Kellid people is sculpted by the landscape in which they have to survive. They are generally lean in physique as the land does not produce enough to allow Kellids to get fat. They also normally have very dark hair. Kellids tend to dress in primitive clothing made from leathers, furs and hide. Their exact style of dress tends to change depending on the individual tribe and the local climate. One item of clothing unique to the Kellids is their Zoic fetishes, small charms made out of bundles of twine hair and stone that are often enchanted with powerful druidic magic.[2]


The Kellid people have inhabited the lands of the north for as long as anyone can remember. Despite this their history is not expansive as they do not write their history down. While they remember much of their history through their oral tradition it can be hard to separate history from myth and allegory. One part of Kellid history that is still fresh in the mind of many is the fall of the Kellid kingdom of Sarkoris. This nation was the first country to fall victim to the ever expanding Worldwound. It was according to historical accounts a strange land of witchcraft and painted Barbarians.[2][3]


Kellid culture like the Kellid people is shaped by its harsh surroundings. It is a primitive culture that focuses on tribes and tribal loyalty. The language of the Kellids, Hallit, is a coarse language with no written form. Most Kellids are distrustful of magic due to being beset by the magical threats of the Worldwound and the witches of Irrisen. Kellids value strength bravery and cunning over the book learning of the weaker southern peoples. Despite this disinterest in education the Kellids are not a stupid people; it is just that their situation allows little room for learning that does not aid in their struggle for survival. The two main gods of the Kellids are Gorum and Desna though many also believe in animism and some Kellids in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords even worship the giant god Minderhal.[2]


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