The Keleshites (pronounced KEHL-esh-eyts)[1] are a people born of the deserts of Casmaron who reflect the heat of the desert in the fieriness of their passions. They are quick to anger and to forgive and always pride themselves on their wit and intelligence. While Keleshites often have a racial arrogance that can be quite off-putting, considering what the people have achieved, it is not surprising.


Pure blooded Keleshites always have black hair and almond eyes although the tone of almond can vary. They favour lighter clothes to help keep them cool in the desert heat and their clothing also tends to be loose-fitting to help keep the wearer cool. Their clothing is often heavily embroidered as a form of decoration and display of wealth. Similarly both genders often wear a lot of jewellery made of gold or silver. Headdresses, veils, and turbans are all common items of clothing to help keep the stinging sand out of eyes and hair. Many Keleshites who live in the deep desert tattoo black or dark blue beneath their eyes to ward off the sun's harsh glare.[2]


The history of the Keleshite people is the history of Qadira and the lands that stretch beyond into Casamaron itself. While many Keleshites live outside of their homelands in places as diverse as Absalom, Katapesh, Osirion and Nex, Qadira and Casmaron will always be the homeland of the Keleshite people.[2]


Most Keleshites speak Kelish, the language of their homeland. The Keleshites are great lovers of luxury and the palaces of Katheer are renowned for their opulence. One of the favored pastimes of the rich is horse racing with wealthy Keleshites paying thousands of gold pieces for prize horses. The Keleshite civilization owes much to the genies of the desert, who they claim taught them much of what they know of magic, agriculture and civilization. Despite the wonders of their homeland, Kelshites possess an insatiable curiosity about the rest of Golarion, which drives much of their trade with far away lands.[2]

Keleshite culture has views on gender roles that much of Golarion find odd. Female Keleshites are treated like princess or priceless jewels as it is they who will give birth to the next generation. The line of inheritance also goes through women rather than men. Keleshites claim that this stops the constant male fighting that is so common in many of the kingdoms of Avistan and Garund. The men, on the other hand, have to earn their place through whatever means they excel at. When questioned about this approach, Keleshites point to the long lasting nature of Qadira as proof of how well the system works. Although, in truth, the back-stabbing of the women of Qadira and the lengths to which the men will go to ensure a desirable match are just as ludicrous as the conflicts of the rest of the world.[2]


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