Empire of Kelesh

The vast Padishah Empire of Kelesh is situated in south central Casmaron, along the Obari Ocean's large Kardaji Bay. It grew during the Age of Destiny, and its line of emperors has been unbroken for thousands of years.[1]


In addition to the Imperial Lands, the empire is organized into numerous satrap states, the westernmost of which is Qadira in Avistan. The empire also makes claim to the Windswept Wastes.[1]

Satrap States

The following are some of the many satrap states.


Many of the inhabitants are Keleshites.


The sun goddess Sarenrae is the empire's patron deity. In the early years of the Age of Enthronement many missionaries from the empire spread the faith into the Inner Sea.[1]

Places of Interest


The country is on the Golden Path trade route linking Vudra to Avistan. The country's exports include silk, philosophy, hashish and bronzework.[1]


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