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Type Outsider
(chaotic, extraplanar, protean, shapechanger)
CR CR 17
Environment Maelstrom
Alignment Chaotic neutral

Source: The Great Beyond: A Guide to the Multiverse, pg(s). 60-61

The keketar (pronounced KEH-keh-tahr)[1] are the ruling caste of the protean race.


Individual keketars range from 7 to 40 feet long, though they constantly shift and change like the unformed reality of the Maelstrom itself, altering color and serpentine banding patterns, shrinking or elongating, and undergoing even more radical physical changes. However, a keketar possesses two static features: first, whatever configuration its body takes, its eyes are always a piercing shade of violet; and second, a whirling ring of ever-changing symbols floats above and around its head like a shapeshifting crown. The cloud's symbols coil, snarl, and intermingle with one another, gradually merging and mutating without apparent pattern. Each keketar is marked by unique stylistic elements within the symbols and the general orientation and appearance of the crown—useful for distinguishing between different individuals. They can hide or manifest this crown at will, but they usually leave it visible.[2]

Keketar proteans are not born, they are elevated from the lower castes of protean. Keketars operate within numerous sects called choruses, each of which has its own philosophy and vision of how to carry out the will of the Maelstrom. These choruses also tend to attract followers from the lesser castes.[3]

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