Karlae Siegfrost
Titles Former Azure Guard Leader
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Cleric of Nethys 3/ Wizard 3/ Mystic Theurge 7
Gender Female
Homeland Olfden, Andoran
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg(s). 60

Karlae Siegfrost is the founder and former leader of the adventuring group known as the Azure Guard. Karlae Siegfrost brought a handful of disparate personalities to Darkmoon Vale in search of knowledge both magical and mundane. Unfortunately for her, she had to settle for wealth and fame. When the Azure Guard split up, Karlae followed Luna Aldred to Olfden and participated in the defense of the town in the Night of Silver Blood. Since that night, Karlae has remained in Olfden, acting as advisor to the town on all matters magical. In return for a generous monthly stipend and the freedom to conduct research (infrequently requiring her to travel far afield), Karlae helps guard the town and crafts the occasional magic item for the city watch or for use in governance.[1]

Karlae always keeps on hand a supply of curative potions and scrolls containing magical formulae both arcane and divine in origin. Like her friend Luna Aldred, Karlae is a Pathfinder (albeit a semi-retired one) and frequently seeks out other Pathfinders traveling through the area to hire for minor (and not-so-minor) errands.[1]