Lord Kamdyn Arnefax
Titles Dictator of Lambreth
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human
Class Fighter 10
Gender Male
Homeland Lambreth, River Kingdoms

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 23

Kamdyn Arnefax is an exiled knight from Andoran. He is a tall, muscular figure whose features suggest some elven blood. In 4674 AR he appeared in the realm of Lambreth, in the River Kingdoms.

At that time, Lambreth was threatened by imminent invasion from neighbouring Razmiran. In desperation, the ruling council of three merchant families offered the lordship of the realm to Kamdyn Arnefax if he could defeat the invaders.

Arnefax assembled an unlikely army of his household guards, Lambreth soldiers, refugees and infernal creatures, and launched a sneak attack on Razmiri forces. He won a great victory, which became known as the Moonlight Massacre of 26 Calistril, 4675 AR.

The Council had not expected him to survive the battle. When Tandre Cullerton suggested a delay in recognising Arnefax’s lordship, the victorious general killed him and his wife, and exiled his family.

Since then, he has ruled Lambreth without mercy or compassion, surviving numerous assassination attempts and wreaking bloody vengeance on those who oppose him. [1]