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Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

Sphere Demiplane
Alignment None
Denizens Proteans, shaitan, div
Description A magical realm created by the archmage Nex

Kakishon is a small demiplane created by the lost Wizard-King Nex. It survived the archmage's disappearance in 576 AR, but was quickly forgotten. Although creatures managed to travel to the realm from time to time, none could ever discover a way to leave. It is thought to have been finally destroyed in 4709 AR as a result of magical tampering.[1][2]


The secret realm of Kakishon was conceived by the archmage Nex. He traveled to the Maelstrom where he captured and enslaved a small army of proteans, forcing them to form a small pocket of their home plane and separate it from the rest of reality.[3]

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