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Titles Him Who Gnaws
Demon Lord of Graves and Ghouls
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Graves
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Death, Evil, Knowledge
Favored Weapon Flail

The carrion-stenched demon lord Kabriri (pronounced ka-BREE-ree)[1] is the patron of Golarion's flesh-hungry, cannibalistic ghouls.


Kabriri resembles the ghouls that so fervently worship his flesh-eating doctrine. Kabriri's flesh is pallid, with the cold, waxy texture of dead skin. His frame is muscly, yet emaciated, as if he had been starved for countless years; his mouth boasts teeth far sharper than a human's, designed to rend flesh. Kabriri's hands are far more talon-like than that of the average ghoul's, and his feet are cloven hooves,[2] a trait he shares with the more powerful ghuls who sometimes serve as his high priests.[3]

Worshippers & Cults[]

Kabriri is predominantly worshipped by the cannibalistic ghouls that dwell in the hidden warrens beneath Golarion's surface, especially the more civilized specimens who dwell in the Darklands city of Nemret-Noktoria deep beneath Osirion. Nemret-Noktoria has strong connections with the undead nation of Geb, which also harbours a ghoul population dedicated to He Who Gnaws.[4] Some of his followers enact bloody rituals in his honour beneath the gibbous moon, dancing and feasting beneath the night sky.[3] His followers tend to wear black and purple robes and use the foul carrion 'perfume of Kabriri'. Kabriri dwells in the Abyssal realm of Everglut, a cyclopean necropolis which is said to have spontaneously created itself in welcome for the first human soul to have committed cannibalism. His signature weapon is a two-headed flail made of iron and bone. His unholy symbol is a maggot-filled bowl made from a human skull.[2]


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