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(Prestige class)
Classes Clerics of Abadar
Paladins of Abadar
Progression 3 Levels

Source: Pathfinder 8: Seven Days to the Grave, pg(s). 69-70

Justiciars are champions of law and civilization, servants of Abadar that strive to strengthen their deity's goals and influence across Golarion. Serving many different roles, from diplomat to judge, jury, and executioner all in one, they continually work towards the further advancement of society.[1]


Justiciars are appointed by legitimate and lawful religious or secular bodies.[1] They are granted absolute authority to carry out their assigned duties, as well as the right to select individuals to work with them and on their behalf.[2]


Sure Shot 
Justiciars are masters of the crossbow, and can use the weapon to make particularly accurate and deadly ranged attacks.[2]
To a justiciar, an oath is as solemn as law itself. They possess the ability to link two individuals making such a promise. If one party breaks the oath, the other is made aware of the act, and the oath breaker is cursed as a result of his or her betrayal.[2]