Junker’s Edge is the ultimate destination for much of the garbage and unwanted items in the town of Sandpoint. Such refuse is gathered by a half-orc dung-sweeper, Gorvi, and those in his employ. Despite protests by the faithful of Gozreh, Sandpoint's town council feels it's best to allow such waste to be managed by the tides.[1][2]

Services Edit

Junker's Edge acts as a general dumping grounds, where citizens can dispose of the unwanted with the intent that it be carried out to sea.[1]

Notable Individuals Edit

One of only a handful of half-orcs to populate Sandpoint, Gorvi acts as the town's dung-sweeper. He's paid well for his services, as no one else particularly wishes to be responsible for working in his stead.[2]
Hannah Velerin
Velerin is a follower of Gozreh, and an outspoken opponent of the dumping practices utilized at Junker's Edge.[1]

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