Jigsaw shark
Shark bridge
Type Animal
CR 1
Environment Temperate aquatic

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary

A jigsaw shark is an aquatic predator fairly common in the waters of southern Varisia. It gets its name from its distinctive jagged markings and is known for having a nasty temperament. Aggressive in the extreme, these animals are known to even attack potential food on land, launching themselves out of the water. Jigsaw sharks can survive in both salt- and freshwater, and often swim up rivers in search for food, particularly into the shallow waters of the Mushfens.[1]

Jigsaw sharks are generally at least 5-6 feet in length, although some have spotted specimens of up to 20 feet.[2] They are hunted for their meat, with their fins being particularly valued for such dishes as Jigsaw Fin Mahktasha.[3]