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Legacy of Fire Adventure Path
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Efreeti
Gender Male

Efreeti Prince Jhavhul traveled to the Material Plane in order to impress his cruel mistress Ymeri, Elemental Queen of the Inferno. He was captured by a wizard-priest named Ezer Hazzebaim who used him in his search for the corpse of Xotani the Firebleeder, one of the monstrous Spawn of Rovagug. Jhavhul managed to extricate himself from the control of wizard-priest, and Ezer escaped to the Plane of Fire. Jhavhul continue the search of his former master, for if he could take on Xotani's traits he would impress Ymeri. Jhavhul located the Firebleeder's immense remains beneath the Brazen Peaks. To accomplish the transformation, requiring 1,000 wishes in the mouths of mortals, he settled in to become a ruler of a temple devoted to Rovagug, a place that now is known as the House of the Beast. Jhavhul's wishes fractured reality to such an extent that they attracted the attention of the djinni princess Nefeshti who sent her forces, led by the Templars of the Five Winds, to trap Jhavhul and his forces in a forgotten demiplane.[1]

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