Titles Mistress of the Hungry Moon, Demon Lord of The Moon and Werewolves
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio The Moon
Cleric Alignments
Domains Animal, Chaos, Evil, Trickery
Favored Weapon Scimitar

Jezelda (pronounced jeh-ZEL-dah)[1] is the shape-shifting demonic patron of all werewolves and mistress of the moon.


Jezelda, like the werewolf, can assume three forms. The first is a human form, that of a beautiful, pale Varisian woman with long, flowing ebony hair. The second is that of an enormous, slavering wolf with huge fangs dripping saliva and horrible yellow eyes. Jezelda's third and favourite form is a horrible hybrid of the two, half wolf and half woman; in this form she looks starved and skinny, hungry for fresh meat.[2]


Jezelda plays an important role in the history of Golarion, because she is believed by many to be the first lycanthrope who spread the disease to all who now suffer from it. If this is true, then she has placed a huge blight upon the people of the world, but strangely her cultists do not boast of this, instead staying ominously silent on the rumours of their patroness' origins.[2]

Cult & WorshipersEdit

Jezelda is worshiped solely by werewolves, for she sees all other humanoids as just prey. Here worship is most prevalent in areas with large werewolf populations, in particular the Darkmoon Vale in northern Andoran and the haunted forests of Ustalav, especially the county of Lozeri. Dwelling in the Abyssal realm called the Moonbog, she calls on her followers to hunt down all non-wolf lycanthropes and present them to her in sacrifice.[2]


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