Old-Mage Jatembe and the Ten Magic Warriors are an ancient legend of the Mwangi Expanse. They are ancestral heroes of the Zenj tribes.

According to legend, there was a great Mwangi civilization in the Mwangi Expanse, which was wiped out by the fall of the Starstone, which ushered in the Age of Anguish.

Jatembe and his ten disciples – the Magic Warriors gave up even their names, and are now recognisable only by their golden masks shaped in the form of fantastic jungle creatures – worked to maintain culture and learning in the aftermath of the disaster.

It is said that Jatembe was willing to use any means necessary to benefit his people. He conversed with both angels and demons, and learned secrets from the severed head of Ydersius before sewing its lips shut.

Jatembe and his Warriors defeated evildoers such as the King of Biting Ants, whose stronghold was the Doorway to the Red Star. They also established schools of learning, such as the Magaambya in Nantambu. The Watcher’s Stone of Jatembe, a magical scrying device believed to have been used by Jatembe itself, still lies in Nantambu.

The Ten Magic Warriors became advisors and protectors of the people, and their images are represented in mosaic on the ten towers of the Magaambya. Jatembe himself, however, vanished from history. There are no known tombs for any of them.[1]

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