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Jason Nelson
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Hometown Seattle, WA
Position Contributor

Jason Nelson is a freelance game designer and author who made it to the final four in Paizo Publishing's RPG Superstar competition in 2008. In addition to his subsequent work for Paizo, he used to write the Behind the Screen and Save My Game columns for the Wizards of the Coast website, and has a few writing credits in Dragon & Dungeon magazines.[1]

Pathfinder credits[]

Title Date Volume (Page)
Andoran, Spirit of Liberty 1001January 2010 ASoL
Bestiary 18"Bestiary" #18 0901January 2009 PF18 (80)
Bestiary 22"Bestiary" #22 0905May 2009 PF22 (76)
Campaign Setting 0808August 2008 CS
End of Eternity"The End of Eternity" 0905May 2009 PF22 (6)
Faction Guide 1005May 2010 FG
Lambreth"Lambreth" 1002February 2010 GttRK (22)
Osirion, Land of Pharaohs 0812December 2008 OLoP
"Pathfinder Chronicler" 0812May 2009 Core Rulebook (388)
"Protean, Keketar" 0812May 2009 tGB (60)
"Shambling Mound" 0905May 2009 DDR (58)
"Shaitan (Genie) 0812October 2009 Bestiary (143)
Vigil"Vigil" 0911November 2009 CoG (44)
War of the River Kings"War of the River Kings" 1007July 2010 PF35 (6)
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