Type Aberration
Environment Underground

Source: Endless Night, pg(s). 61

Transformed into unsettling quadrupedal beasts by the fleshwarping process, halflings become insane, scampering jashoi. With faces given constant, cannibal grins and their spines protruding through tight skin in a painful arch, jashoi screech and scream, bite and curse in uncontrollable mania. Finding the beastly things annoying and unmanageable, only good for the cruelest entertainments, dark elves rarely fleshwarp halflings. Those that do exist are usually kept as pets or loosed like stray dogs on the streets. Most unsettling, jashoi are usually recognizable for the halflings they once were, and though their minds are reduced to ape-like intelligence, they often retain a few words, meaningless sounds that they parrot in jumbled sentences.[1]