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Murder on the Silken Caravan
Jamila al-Shafah
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Janni
Gender female
Homeland Qadira

Source: Murder on the Silken Caravan, pg(s). 6-7, 11

Jamila al-Shafah is a successful trader of silk and precious stones, based in Lopul. While appearing to be a beautiful human woman, her true form is that of a janni.[1] Jamila was a long time friend and lover of the famed Pathfinder Venture-captain Targos Min-Katheer. While investigating a plot to disrupt trade along the Silken Way in 4708 AR, Targos' health began to fail. Rather than watch her long time love suffer through his final days, Jamila administered to him, a fatal dose of scorpion venom. With the help of a group of Pathfinders, Jamila managed to thwart a plot to disrupt the trade route, and deliver Targos' body to its final resting place.[2]

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