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Prior to the founding of Concept Art House in 2006, James Zhang was a studio Vice President, art director, freelance illustrator, and conceptual designer. With over a decade of industry experience, James brings a unique understanding of entertainment media from both a production artist and a studio executive level. James began his career as a concept artist at LucasArts Entertainment Company in 1998. In his time there he helped create the vision for a number of bestselling and critically acclaimed video games including Star Wars: Star Fighter, Gladius, and Star Wars: Republic Commando. In 2004, he moved on to Factor 5 where he assumed the role of Lead Artist on the PS3 title "Lair." Shortly after, James assumed the role of Vice President of a major game-art studio where he oversaw the vision and production of numerous studio projects, increased company profits with strategic marketing, and was instrumental in the building of the studio's overseas office.

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