James Jacobs
James Jacobs
Homepage Bigfoot Country
Born 1974
Hometown Point Arena, CA
Position Editor-in-chief

James Jacobs began his career as a D&D game designer at the tender age of 14, when an adventure he wrote was published in Dungeon #12. After later working on the same magazine for Paizo, he is now Creative Director of Pathfinder. He likes Godzilla and dinosaurs and Lovecraft stuff. He has a pet cat. His favorite pizza topping is artichoke hearts, and his favorite movie is Alien. He wants to buy a lizard, too.

Pathfinder creditsEdit

Title Date Volume (Page)
Bestiary 01"Bestiary" #1 0708August 2007 PF1 (86)
Bestiary 02"Bestiary" #2 0709September 2007 PF2 (82)
Bestiary 09"Bestiary" #9 0805May 2008 PF9 (78)
Bestiary 18"Bestiary" #18 0901January 2009 PF18 (80)
Bestiary 19"Bestiary" #19 0903March 2009 PF19 (76)
Bestiary 22"Bestiary" #22 0905May 2009 PF22 (76)
Bestiary 29"Bestiary" #29 1001January 2010 PF29 (76)
Bestiary 37"Bestiary" #37 1008August 2010 PF37 (76)
Bloodworks Incident"The Bloodworks Incident" (Pathfinder's Journal) 0804April 2008 PF8 (72)
Burnt Offerings"Burnt Offerings" 0708August 2007 PF1 (8)
Campaign Setting 0808August 2008 CS
Council of Thieves Player's Guide 0908August 2009 CoTPG
Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide 0802February 2008 CoCT PG
Demon Lords of Golarion"Demon Lords of Golarion" 0901January 2009 PF18 (54)
Derro"Derro" 1001January 2010 CHR (4)
Exploration"Exploration" 1003March 2010 PF31 (56)
Ghoul"Ghoul" 1001January 2010 CHR (28)
Goblin"Goblin" 0804April 2008 CMR (16)
Infernal Syndrome"The Infernal Syndrome" 0912December 2009 PF28 (6)
Into the Darklands 0811November 2008 ItD
Kingmaker Player's Guide 1003March 2010 KPG
Legacy of Fire Player's Guide 0902February 2009 PG4
NPC Guide 1003March 2010 NPC
Of Cities and Kings"Of Cities and Kings" 1004April 2010 PF32 (54)
Red Mantis"The Red Mantis" 0805May 2008 PF9 (66)
Sandpoint"Sandpoint" 0708August 2007 PF1 (58)
Second Darkness 0808August 2008 PG3
Shipwrecked"Shipwrecked!" 1008August 2010 PF37 (56)
Souls for Smuggler's Shiv"Souls for Smugger's Shiv" 1008August 2010 PF37 (6)
Twice-Damned Prince"The Twice-Damned Prince" 1002February 2010 PF30 (6)
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