Jade Idol
Type Construct
Environment Any

Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 82-83

A Jade Idol is a statuette that, serving as the focus of cultic worship and through this worship has come to embody a measure of magical power.


A jade idol is unsurprisingly made of jade, its whole body is a lustrous green. Jade idols are usual carved to appear as a demure maiden sculpted in miniature, most jade idols stand less than a hands breadth high. Despite their tiny size jade idols are always sculpted with incredible detail.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Jade idols are found in ancient tombs across the world, most usually in tropical lands where poisonous creatures are rife. Jade idols have been found in locations from distant Tian Xia to the mouldering ruins of the flooded Sodden Lands. They are normally found as guardians of ancient sites, from the tombs and lairs of arcanists and poison loving assassins to ancient temples and royal catacombs.[1]

As constructs jade idols have no real ecology, they are created to serves as patient and stealthy killers. Their abilities help them in this role, their mere presence weakens nearby creatures resistance to poison. Jade idols also posses an impressive ability to charm venomous animals often using this to secure animal aid during a fight. The jade idols most dangerous abilities is being able to exhale a gas that can turn living flesh to jade like green stone, this ability is sometimes used to preserve the bodies of those interred in the tombs the jade idol protects. There are reports of ancient tombs protected by swarms of jade idols and their venomous allies, the bodies of which are solid jade and littered with green statue of unlucky tomb robbers.[1]