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The Isle of Kortos sits prominently in the center of the Inner Sea and hosts Absalom, the world's largest city. While the metropolis itself does not occupy the entire landmass, the remaining land is considered among of the city-state's holdings, including the two smaller settlements on the island. Much of the non-populated land surrounding Absalom is filled with ruined siege engines and battlements from the countless assaults on the city's impenetrable walls and has come to be known as the Cairnlands. In the center of the Isle the Kortos Mounts rear out of the land, forested in their lower reaches but barren and icy at their peaks. Tribes of minotaurs, harpies, and centaurs occupy the untamed wilderness beyond the Isle's civilized shores, constantly battling one another and intruders to their territory sometimes causing problems for caravans from the western port of Diobel to the markets of Absalom.[1]

Aroden raised the isle from the sea floor in 1 AR in the act of bringing the Starstone from its resting place in the deep fathoms of the ocean.[2]

Horses are not present on the Isle of Kortos, since the centaurs regard them as invaders and the harpies like to eat them, so most farmers, merchants and nobles on the island use camels or axe beaks.[3] Rumor holds that there is a race of winged camels on the north end of the island, but these creatures must be exceedingly rare.[3]