Type aberration
CR 9
Environment underground

Source: Pathfinder 16: Endless Night, pg(s). 86

When elves are the unlucky victims of drow fleshwarping, the result is the twisted and pain-wracked creature known as an irnakurse.


During the transformation, arms and legs disappear into the core of their being and the elf elongates to nearly 8 feet tall. The base of these creatures is stump-like, capped with numerous branch-like protrusions that inhale and exhale, constantly emitting a ghostly, reedy howl which pervades any area where they have been placed. Their former faces are stretched along the upper portion of the pillar, distorted into a permanently preserved scream. The drow enjoy seeing this fate befall their hated enemies, so they often place these creatures on display in places of prestige.[1]

Although no two irnakurse appear exactly the same—drow torturers taking profane pride in sculpting their elven victims into unique masterpieces of agony—most share similar features. The overall effect is something like a ravenously hungry tumor or a flesh golem created by a bind madman. Yet, as perverse as the creatures appear, only the cruelest souls can’t pity them, for within their crazed eyes hides a glimmer of confusion and pain, and in their constant screams rings the sound of absolute horror. Irnakurse usually stand between 8 and 9 feet tall and weigh upward of 300 pounds. Through the process of fleshwarping, the elven victim’s body undergoes explosive swelling and cancerous growth, easily doubling their previous mass. The drow delight in this growth, as the new flesh proves soft and sensitive—easily reshaped, and more to hurt.

Habitat and SocietyEdit

Mad captives imprisoned within their own bodies, irnakurse loathe themselves and all like them. Although far too wrath-filled to even consider harming themselves, a measure of their madness and ingrained fanaticism drives them to seek violent ends. Although mad with confusion, rage, and horror and potentially dangerous to even be near, irnakurses rank among the highest status symbols a drow can possess. The dual feats of finding and subduing a surface elf make even the opportunity to create one of the terrible things incredibly rare, and even then the process of fleshwarping is not cheap. Should drow even go through the cost and trouble of such a terrible torture—an end usually only meted out by the most decadent of noble drow families— many of the fleshwarps don’t survive long, either slowly dying from the poisonous creation process or simply withering physically or mentally from the shock of the change. Those irnakurse that survive, however, often receive honored places among the galleries, torture chambers, and entry halls of dissolute dark elven families, where they serve as both guardians and expressions of wealth, power, and cruelty.[2]


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