The Irespan is the largest and most impressive monument in all of Magnimar and overshadows the city's poorest district known as the Shadow. The Irespan is actually the remains of an enormous bridge that stretches into the Varisian Gulf, standing over three hundred feet above the sea and over a hundred feet wide. It is, like most of the monuments that dot the Varisian landscape, a remanant of ancient Thassilon. Nearly ten thousand years before the founding of Magnimar, the Irespan served as the main travel route through the mountainous realm of Bakrakhan. In fact, the Irespan used to stretch as far as Xin-Bakrakhan, the strange monument now known as Hollow Mountain. When the cataclysm that heralded the end of the Thassilonian empire struck, most of the Irespan collapsed. Now all that remains are the end of the Irespan in Magnimar and a few crumbling stretches that speckle the entrance to the Varisian Gulf.[1]