Nation Osirion
Population 12,730

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 119

Ipeq (pronounced ahy-PECK)[1] is the largest city in southern Osirion, located along the banks of the Crook. According to the legend, Ipeq was summoned into existence by the Pharaoh of Blades. The city's history has been linked to the nation's defense and the projection of pharaonic power and influence toward the south. The construction of Ipeq was the first stage of the Osirian invasion and subjugation of Katapesh. Even after the wane of Pharaonic influence in the south, the city served as a bastion of Osirian power. Any army seeking to invade Osirion from the south has to cross the river either at Ipeq or at the Khopesh Span built in -2370 AR. [2]

Today, Ipeq houses the second-largest permanent garrison of Osirian troops, surpassed only by Sothis. In modern Osirion, invasion from Katapesh is of little concern, and the garrison and its large maritime force are mainly used to protect the trade across the border and they are ready for rapid deployment anywhere along the length of the Sphinx and its tributaries.[2]


Cities of Osirion

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