Intellect Devourer
Intellect devourer
Type Aberration
(evil, psionic)
CR 7
Environment Orv

Source: SRD, pg(s). -

Psionic body snatchers to whom no experience is too extreme and no flesh is sacred, they are one of the strangest, most mysterious races of the Darklands. Although in the strange depths of the Vaults of Orv their unusual ways seem less extraordinary.


Intellect devourers appear like large humanoid brains that have sprouted hideous reptilian legs from the depths of their soft bodies. Strangely despite appearing like soft and squidgy brain matter their outer shells are incredible resilient to damage and far tougher than they look. Of course intellect devourers are rarely seen in this form more often they are seen while possessing a host and so appear exactly as their host's body appears.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

The main habitat of the intellect devourer is the Mute Metropolis of Ilvaradin, one of the most impressive and intimidating vaults of Orv. This ancient abandoned city is for the most part uninhabited and wild but in the very center is the lair of the intellect devourers. Travellers who stumble upon this place often mistake it for some sort of multi-racial paradise where Drow, Duergar, Skum and many other varieties of Darkland creature dwell together in peace. In fact this is a lie the residents are little more than fleshy shells being used by the intellect devourers.[1]

The key feature of the intellect devourers are their natural inability to feel or experience anything in their natural form, neither physical sensations or emotions. This leaves the desperate for sensory input and the only way of achieving it is to usurp the original hosts body. Unfortunately these usurped bodies rarely last long as the intellect devourers are decadent hedonists and find pain as intoxicating a sensation as pleasure, as such they always thirst for new bodies to inhabit.[1]


Body Thief
The intellect devourer shrinks its size down to crawl through its victim/hosts mouth and attempts to merge with its brain killing the host creature. It then devours the brain completely and takes control of its new body which slowly decays a week after the intellect devourer takes control of the body.[1]


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