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Articles featured in Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Geography & Locations[]

Article Author Volume
Brevoy Steve Kenson PF31 (60)
Celwynvian Amber Scott PF15 (48)
The Cinderlands Jacob Frazier PF10 (58)
The City of Brass Wolfgang Baur PF23 (54)
Eleder Tim Hitchcock PF38 (58)
The Hold of Belkzen James L. Sutter PF11 (58)
In the Shadow of Pale Mountain (Katapesh) Steve Kenson PF20 (50)
Into the Black (The Solar system and beyond) James L. Sutter PF14 (48)
Into the Stolen Lands Ed Greenwood PF33 (64)
Iobaria Gazetteer Steven Schend PF33 (54)
The Katapesh Marketplace Richard Pett PF21 (54)
Kyonin James L. Sutter PF17 (48)
The Land of Black Blood Wolfgang Baur PF18 (48)
Magnimar F. Wesley Schneider PF2 (56)
Pitax Mike Ferguson PF35 (60)
Riddleport: City of Cyphers Greg A. Vaughan PF13 (48)
Sandpoint James Jacobs PF1 (58)
Varisia James L. Sutter PF3 (60)
Westcrown Steven Schend PF25 (48)
Zirnakaynin F. Wesley Schneider PF16 (48)


Deities & Religion[]

Article Author Volume
Abadar Sean K Reynolds PF8 (64)
Asmodeus Sean K Reynolds PF29 (62)
Calistria Sean K Reynolds PF17 (56)
Cayden Cailean Sean K Reynolds PF14 (56)
Demon Lords of Golarion James Jacobs PF18 (54)
Desna Sean K Reynolds PF2 (66)
Erastil Sean K Reynolds PF32 (66)
Gorum Sean K Reynolds PF35 (68)
Gozreh Sean K Reynolds PF38 (66)
Iomedae Sean K Reynolds PF26 (66)
Lamashtu Sean K Reynolds PF5 (64)
Rovagug Sean K Reynolds PF23 (60)
Sarenrae Sean K Reynolds PF20 (58)
Zon-Kuthon Sean K Reynolds PF11 (64)


Races & Ethnicities[]

Article Author Volume
People of the Road (Varisian|Varisian Human Ethnicity) Amber Scott PF7 (62)
People of the Storval Plateau (Shoanti) Eric Boyd & Michael Kortes PF10 (66)
Tieflings of Golarion Amber Scott PF25 (60)


Monster Ecologies[]

Article Author Volume
Abominations of the Drow J.D. Wiker & Darrin Drader PF18 (58)
Born of Stone (Stone Giants) Wolfgang Baur PF4 (52)
Dragons of Golarion Mike McArtor PF4 (60)
Drow of Golarion Jeff Grubb PF15 (54)
Ecology of the Boggard Todd Stewart PF34 (58)
Ecology of the Serpentfolk Clinton Boomer PF37 (64)
Faces of the Earthbound Evils (Rakshasas) Owen K.C. Stephens PF9 (60)
Gnolls of the Brazen Peaks Eric Haddock PF19 (56)
Keepers of Chaos (Proteans) Todd Stewart PF22 (54)
The Spawn of Rovagug Clinton Boomer PF 24 (48)
Tales and Truths of Genies Wolfgang Baur PF21 (48)


NPCs & Villains[]

Article Author Volume
Hellknights F. Wesley Schneider PF27 (60)
Karzoug the Claimer Greg A. Vaughan PF6 (62)
Mammon F. Wesley Schneider PF30 (62)
Path of the Hellknight F. Wesley Schneider PF28 (64)
The Red Mantis Nicolas Logue & James Jacobs PF9 (66)
Relics of Kazavon JD Wiker PF12 (62)


Historical Knowledge[]

Article Author Volume
The Spoils of Kings Brian Cortijo PF34 (64)
Thassilon, Magic of Brian Cortijo, et al. PF5 (56)
Thassilon, The History of Wolfgang Baur PF1 (72)
Treasures of the Pathfinders Craig Shackleton PF27 (52)


Gameplay Help & Tools[]

Article Author Volume
Catastrophe! Darrin Drader PF30 (56)
Ecology of the Thieves' Guild Kevin Carter PF29 (54)
Exploration James Jacobs PF31 (56)
The Gold Goblin E. Jordan Bojar, Gwen Page, Mike Selinker,
& Greg A. Vaughan
PF13 (56)
Harrow Mike Selinker & Teeuwynn Woodruff PF7 (58)
Harrow Deck of Many Things F. Wesley Schneider & Paizo Staff PF12 (68)
Hazards on the World's Roof Greg A. Vaughan PF6 (66)
In the Fiend's Grasp Adam Daigle PF28 (56)
Keeping the Keep Mike McArtor & James L. Sutter PF3 (54)
Of Cities and Kings James Jacobs PF32 (54)
Plague and Pestilence Rick Miller & Edward P. Healy PF8 (58)
Shipwrecked! James Jacobs PF37 (56)
The Seals of Sulesh the Great Wolfgang Baur PF22 (48)
The Six Trials of Larazod Nicolas Logue PF26 (56)
Wishcraft Wolfgang Baur PF24 (56)