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Ileosa Arabasti
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Devil-bonded Human (Chelaxian)
Class Aristocrat 2 / Bard 16
Gender Female
Homeland Korvosa, Varisia
Organization House Arabasti
Born 4687 AR
Died 4708 AR

Source: Crown of Fangs, pg(s). 57

Queen Ileosa Arabasti (pronounced ihl-ee-OH-sah air-ah-BAS-tee)[1] was the most recent monarch of the Varisian city of Korvosa. She was killed when it was discovered that she was attempting to sacrifice her subjects in order to achieve immortality.[2]

Early LifeEdit

Ileosa Arbasti was born to one of Cheliax's most powerful families. Instead of marrying a wealthy Chelish nobleman, as was expected of her, she rejected her family's authority and moved to Korvosa. Having studied King Eodred Arabasti II for some time, she was quickly able to seduce him. After falling in love with the beautiful young girl, and a scandalously short courtship, he married her in 4704 AR.[3]

Queen IleosaEdit

She held much of the city in open contempt, and was conversely not well-liked among the populace. After murdering her husband with the aid of the Red Mantis assassins, she proceeded to squash any opposition to her ascension, up to and including fostering a devastating Blood Veil epidemic, and cutting off Old Korvosa from the mainland. Much of her ascension can be attributed to the Fangs of Kazavon, a relic she found in the ruins beneath Castle Korvosa.[3]

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