Region Realm of the Mammoth Lords
Size Small City
Population 11,300
Ruler Po La the Bureaucrat

Icestair is the largest settlement in the whole of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords and it is also the furthest north, wedged against the wall of ice that marks the edge of the Crown of the World. Icestair takes its name from its main feature; a vast set of human sized stairs cut into the ice and topped with carved slabs of volcanic rock, rivalling even the Storval Rise as the most impressive staircase in the world. As well as the staircase there is also a great winch used to haul the sledges and heavy gear of any travellers up and down the great wall of ice. Most such expeditions arrive at Icestair from the distant continent of Tian Xia and Icestair is filled with guides who lead these expeditions to Hillcross or even Wyvernsting. Icestair, due to it links with the distant continent, is home to many Tian humans and is even run by a Tian, Po La the Bureaucrat.[1]