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A Shoanti Human
Type Humanoid
CR By class
Environment Any

Source: Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, pg(s). 27

Humans are the most numerous civilized race of Golarion with a variety of ethnicities, and a stake in virtually every corner of the world. Known for their adaptability and versatility, humans have, throughout history, been behind most of the largest and most prosperous of nations.[citation needed]


Distinct ethnic groups can be found throughout the world, each with its own unique traits and appearance. While mingling does occur, most humans fall into one of these groupings more prominently than the others.

Ancient or Fallen Ethnicities[]

The people of Azlant, Thassilon, Ninshabur, the Jistka Imperium, and the Tekritanin League are no longer found on the face of Golarion. Some have descendants, but there are few "true" children of these ancient civilizations.[1]

Minor Ethnicities[]

These groups are rare and often confined to a small geographical area