House Bromathan
Type Social (noble family)
Leader Lord Valdur Bromathan IV
Headquarters Korvosa, Varisia
Scope Local (Korvosa)
Structure Familial

Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 41

House Bromathan is a minor noble family in the Varisian city of Korvosa, strongly associate with the city's military.[1]


The family has had a long tradition of serving loyally in the Korvosan Guard or the Sable Company. The tradition was begun by Nivek Bromathan, founder of the house, who sacrificed his life to save the famous Waydon Endrin from a Shoanti assassin in 4457 AR. His family was rewarded for the act with a royal title, and the members of House Bromathan have followed in Nivek's footsteps ever since. The house has generally been financially stable over the centuries, with close, historical ties to House Endrin.[1] Because of this close connection, and due to House Bromathan's military focus, members of the house were among the first families to move off of Endrin Isle and onto the mainland in the late 45th century AR.[2]

Current statusEdit

The current head of the house, Lord Valdur Bromathan IV, has gone against his family's military tradition by becoming an ordained Sarenraen priest, but he did so with his father's blessing.[1]

House TriviaEdit

Bromathan Street in Korvosa's Midland district is named in honor of the family.[3]


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