Hound of Tindalos
Hound of Tindalos
Type Outsider
CR 7
Environment any

Source: Pathfinder 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants, pg(s). 82-83

Hounds of Tindalos are creatures from outside the reality Golarion exists in. They only interfere in Golarion when a spellcaster foolishly summons one or when someone interferes in their domain. They have some sort of connection to the angles of reality, which allows them to appear anywhere and at any time on Golarion as long as they appear near some physical angle.


Hounds of Tindalos are horrific looking creatures whose appearance is as utterly alien as their origins. In stature hounds of Tindalos appear like some foul mixture of humanoid and sleek big cat that is without fur and whose flesh is pallid and muscular yet lean as if starved. This strange mixture results in their odd body shape and despite their long arms ending in dexterous, flesh shredding claws they usually move about on all fours. Their faces are possibly their most alien feature with huge, black, soulless eyes sitting above a chasm of a mouth filled with razor sharp broken teeth.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Hounds of Tindalos have no natural habitat on Golarion and seem to have no natural place in the multiverse; it is believed that they come from some strange, alien place beyond scholars' understanding of the planes. A lucky side effect of this is that hounds of Tindalos are mercifully rare on the Material Plane. They are usually only found when summoned and bound as some powerful wizards or ancient societies like Thassilon used to do or when the hounds hunt their quarry. The only quarry hounds of Tindalos seem interested in are the rare people who have travelled the mysterious pathways outside time and space itself; the hounds hunt these creatures mercilessly chasing them to any place or any time they might flee.[1]


Angled Entry
The hounds of Tindalos understand time and space in a way no other creature does and can move effortlessly across huge distances and even across the planes themselves.
Otherworldly Mind
Any creature that gains direct access to a hound of Tindalos's thoughts is assaulted by the completely alien nature of its thought processes.
Ripping Gaze
The gaze of a hound of Tindalos tears through the very fabric of reality itself inflicting horrific wounds on its opponents.[1]


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