Type Construct
CR 1
Environment Any (as creator)
Alignment Any (as creator)

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 176

A homunculus is a cat-sized construct that looks like a winged devil. For the most part, they are created by wizards as familiars and to aid them in their work and research. A homunculus is made from a mixture of clay, ash, mandrake root, spring water and, most importantly, one pint of blood. The person supplying the blood is considered to be the construct's creator (and hence its master), even if other people were responsible for sculpting the body mixture and casting the spells required to animate it.[1]


As artificial creations, homunculi do not require food, water, or even air to breathe. They are intimately tied to their masters, and even though they cannot speak, share a mental link with them which allows them to communicate. Because of this close bond, the destruction of a homunculus causes its creator grievous harm. Likewise, the death of its master causes a homunculus to go insane and loose all intelligence.[1]

Homunculi in GolarionEdit

The Pathfinder Wystron Telfyr is one of Golarion's most prolific creators of homunculi,[2] as are the mages at the Golemworks in the Varisian city of Magnimar.[3]

Variant HomunculiEdit

Certain high-ranking members of the death-cult known as the Whispering Way are known to possess undead homunculi, but the secrets of their manufacture have not been revealed.[4]