Hollow Mountain is among the highest peaks of Rivenrake Island in the Varisian Gulf. It boasts one of the most intriguing Thassilonian ruins in Varisia.  Near the summit of the mountain, an enormous carving of a woman's face looks sternly towards the south, half of her visage rent away by an ancient apocalypse. Exposed underneath, the onlooker can see that countless corridors and rooms must honeycomb the entire mountain.[1]

At its foot, lie the aged ruins of what some scholars believe to be the city of Xin-Bakrakhan, the Thassilonian City of Wrath, and once the capitol of the domain of Bakrakhan. These ruins are said to be one of the few remnants of this mountainous realm which disappeared into the Varisian Gulf following the destruction of the empire in -5293 AR. The split face near the summit is conjectured to be that of Runelord Alaznist herself.[2]