Hold of Belkzen
Hold of Belkzen symbol
Alignment Neutral evil
Capital Urgir
Government nonstandard (tribal hordes)

While orcs can be found throughout Golarion, nowhere else are they as plentiful or live in as densely populated settlements as in the Hold of Belkzen (pronounced BEHLK-zen)[1].


There is no unified government ruling over the whole of the Hold of Belkzen. It simply isn't an orc's nature to try to maintain an organised government. Certainly orcs respect the rule of the mighty but even this grudging respect is only given to those who are powerful enough to force other orcs to obey them. The most powerful orc in Belkzen is Grask Uldeth the ruler of the city of Urgir but his rule does not stretch much further than the city walls. The rest of the country is inhabited and ruled by various semi-nomadic squabbling tribes (see Inhabitants below) who rule over whatever land they currently reside in. The cities of Belkzen are ruled much like the rest of the land—whichever tribe currently inhabits the city is its ruler. This system is far from stable as most cities change hands between different tribes at least once every generation.[2]

There two exceptions to this this system. The first is Freedom Town which is free of orcs but is even more chaotically ruled than full orc settlements, as it belongs to no nation and is known as a haven for criminals, exiles and anyone on the run from legitimate authority.[3] The other exception is Trunau, a small town that has held out against the orc invaders since the fall of the Hordeline nearly two hundred years ago.[4]


The Hold of Belkzen is a harsh land, and not just in environmental terms. The only thing more brutal than the landscape of this haphazard nation are its savage inhabitants.



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