Nation Druma
Region Five Kings Mountains
Population 39,917

Highhelm is among the ancient and expansive dwarven settlements recognized as a Sky Citadel. Constructed in -318 AR[1] within and beneath lofty Emperor's Peak, it has remained the the center of dwarven culture on Avistan for millennia. The Gathering Concil meets here every 200 years.[2] Northeast of Highhelm, dwarves control the Five Kings Mountains with unquestioned authority, and passage among the many high peaks remains relatively safe from living dangers. Dwarven caravans from Highhelm seldom travel to nearby Darkmoon Vale, however, as most of them head west into Isger or Molthune. Roughly two or three times a decade, though, a group of Highhelm merchants gathers together and sends a caravan along the treacherous scree-covered trails that wind perilously through the mountains. The dwarves prefer to hire dozens of mercenaries to augment their tough dwarven guards and to act as arrow-fodder and spear-catchers during the inevitable attacks on these wealthy caravans.[3]


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