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Type Outsider
(aquatic, chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)
CR 11
Environment Any swamp (Abyss)

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 62

Prodigiously strong, Hezrou serve as the brutish muscle for stronger, more cunning demons but these reptilian fiends are far from stupid and make dangerous opponents.


The most prominent feature of the hezrou is its build, a veritable bulging wall of muscle that has vastly outgrown its meagre humanoid frame. While their general frame is that of a bipedal humanoid with two arms and two legs, their overall appearance is more like that of a like a giant, armored toad. The hezrou's skin is covered in slimy scales and its bulging size means it resembles a giant bullfrog. It's face is its most reptilian feature, looking like a frog's face but with a far larger, more sinister mouth lined with row upon row of sharp teeth. Its body constantly leaks horrid, noxious fluid that severely sickens any who get to close to the monstrous demon.[1]

Habitat & ecology[]

Hezrous dwell in the vast Abyssal swamps, mires, and waterways of Mephizim, the realm of their patron demon lord Gogunta.[1][2] When on the Material Plane, hezrous tend to dwell in swamps, where their mere presence is a blight on the land and causes the plants to become gnarled and sickly while turning the surrounding water thick and brackish. Over time this corruption can even spread to living creatures, the children of nearby, isolated communities becoming deformed and twisted.[1] Boggards, being fellow favored children of Gogunta, generally avoid the negative effects of living in close proximity to a hezrou, and the demon hulks are often sent to lead their marshy communities.[2] Hezrous do not make the greatest leaders, though, as they are rather unambitious, often wasting their intelligence on base pursuits like torture, destruction, eating, and sleeping. The monstrous and bestial hezrous are formed in the abyss from damned souls of evil mortals who poisoned themselves, their kin, or their surroundings, such as assassins, drug addicts, and careless alchemists who gave no concern for the environmental side-effects of their experiments.[1]