Alaznist built several destructive watchtowers called Hellstorm Flumes along the Rasp. Each of these towers housed a contingent of her soldiers, commanded by sorcerers and demon-worshiping clerics hand-picked from her personal guard. Atop each Flume burned a constant vortex of arcane fire, one that its commander could direct to scorch intruding armies from miles away. The Flumes did a remarkable job at keeping Karzoug's forces from effectively invading Bakrakhan.

After Thassilon's collapse and with the onset of the Age of Darkness, the Rasp became the region's new western coastline. Bakrakhan's Hellstorm Flumes fell into the sea during the cataclysm. Only one remained above the waves, and even it crumbled to less than a quarter of its original height.

Today, the Varisians view the last Hellstorm Flume as nothing more than an ancient ruined lighthouse, a landmark they call the Old Light. No record ofthe tower's destructive purpose remains in the modern mind, yet clues to its violent legacy remain unsuspected in catacombs that once connected to the tower's dungeons.