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Sphere Outer Sphere
Alignment Lawful good
Denizens Angels
Lawful good outsiders
Lawful good souls
Description An immense mountain with seven rising heavenly regions

Heaven is a plane in the Outer Sphere which represents order tempered with compassion and goodness. It appears as a gigantic single mountain with a flat summit. It is broken down into seven regions, each of which is overseen by an archon of immense power.[1]


As stated above, Heaven takes the form of an immense mountain surrounded by shimmering walls of glass and gold which have been hardened to be as strong as iron. The seven regions of the mountain are generally named after the presiding archons who rule them. In order from the bottom of the mountain up they are: Ragathiel, Sandalphon, Jegudiel, Andoletta, Uriel, Melek Taus, and Salaphiel. The peak of the mountain is flattened and contains somewhat of a mystery. A golden wall with a single gate provides access to a beautiful garden. Some say that a huge fruit tree can be found at the centre of it, while others claim to have seen an immense, empty throne. The gate to the garden always remains open, its doors having wasted away eons ago.[1][2]

Places of interest[]

  • Citadel of Might Righteous
  • Empty Palace of Melek Taus
  • Erastil's Domain
  • Fortress of Ragathiel
  • Golden Forge-Halls
  • Grand Hall of Righteous Heralds
  • Great Library of Harmonious Scripture
  • Iomedae's Domain
  • Magrim's Cloiser
  • Mirialin, City of the Justice Seekers
  • Palace of Jegudiel
  • Paramon's Orchard
  • Sandalphon's Court
  • Soaring Palace of Talmandor the Golden
  • The Summit
  • Torag's Domain
  • Tower of the Enlightened and Tested
  • Winding Tower of Salaphiel


Mortal souls who travel here are greeted by lesser archons at the foot of the mountain and taken to the region which best suits their personality. There they are, if possible, reunited with deceased loved ones who eagerly await their arrival. A few souls are called by what they claim to be a voice calling their name from the top of Heaven's mountain. They undertake the long climb to the summit and, if admitted to the garden there, are miraculously transformed into archons themselves, forever to serve others.[1]


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