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Harbingers of Fate
Leader Lady Arodeth
Headquarters Absalom
Goals Restoration of the Age of Glory
Scope International
Members Former followers of Aroden

The Harbingers of Fate is an organization founded in 4648 AR by Lord Garron, an exiled Chelish noble living in Absalom. He believed that bringing about the prophesies foretold in writings called the Book of 1,000 Whispers would somehow retrigger the promised Age of Glory and perhaps even the return of Aroden himself. The book's predictions were accurate up to the beginning of the Age of Lost Omens, when, like all other soothsaying, they could no longer foretell the future. Until his death, Lord Garron actively tried to bring about these prophesies, but never achieved any positive results. His work has been continued by his daughter Lady Arodeth, who has used her fortune to hire agents who scour Avistan and Garund for any clues which might refer to one of the predictions. Their methods have been growing more and more desperate, as the book's final pronouncements are said to occur in 4714 AR, and so far none of them have come true. Their goals are not known to the general public, who believe Lady Arodeth to simply be the uninspired inheritor of a mercenary company known in Absalom as the Band of Blades.[1][2]