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Barbed devil
Type Outsider
(devil, extraplanar, evil, lawful)
CR 11
Environment Hell

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 72

Barbed devils, also known as hamatulas, serve as devil-kind's jailers and guardians; they are ruthlessly effective in that role.


Like most devils the barbed devil has a vaguely humanoid shape. They stand around seven feet tall, a little taller than a human, but look even larger than this thanks to the spines that protrude from them. These barbs are what give the hamatulas their name, as they grow from almost every inch of the barbed devil's body, covering it from head to toe in a wall of sharp spines. Barbed devils often keep trophies from past victories impaled on their spikes as grizzly decorations designed to intimidate future foes. Thanks to their large size and the sheer amount of spikes they have, barbed devils surprisingly weigh over three hundred pounds.[1]

Habitat & Ecology[]

Like all devils the barbed devils dwell in the depths of Hell, where they serve as jailers and guardians of Hell's greatest and darkest treasures.[1] This means that they can most often be found guarding the dark treasury of Erebus which contains most of Hell's unimaginable wealth.[2] Barbed devils are very loyal to their masters. Caring nothing for the allure of the wealth they protect, they are only interested in guarding it to please their masters. When released on the Material Plane or required to track down someone (often one who has stolen from their masters) they are sadistic hunters, toying with their prey first before impaling them on their spikes, an agonisingly intimate death.[3] Barbed devils are created by imprisoning a lesser devil in the darkest, most lonely vaults of Erebus for three hundred and thirty three years; those who don't go completely insane or attempt to escape leave the darkened vault as a hamatula.[4] Barbed devils are some of the most dangerous lesser devils to summon as they resent being dragged away from what they are supposed to be protecting, especially if the task takes them a long time to complete. They can sometimes be appeased by an offering of rare treasures to add to their horde.[3]


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