Halig Oaklage
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Ghast
Class Cleric 3
Gender Male
Homeland Geb
Deity Zon-Kuthon

Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 11

Hailing from the chattel pens of Geb, Oaklage spent an inglorious life working in the plantation orchards, where skeleton hands were too clumsy to handle the delicates fruits. The only bright spot in his life was his lover Salla, and, when their usefulness reached its bitter and short end, they were both "retired": Salla to become the food on the table of a vampire, and Oaklage to a sacrificial circle.

He died, and the next night was reborn as a ghast. Although his new "life" granted him citizenship, the loss of Salla tortured him, and he degenerated into cruelty and sadism. Only the temple of Zon-Kuthon granted him succor, where he found relief by torturing others. Over time his clerical powers grew, and he was granted a small territory and manor house over which to rule. [1]

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